New Forex Trends

Simple Swing Trading Strategy using Support and Resistance Levels

Swing trading strategy is one of the most popular trading strategies used by the professional trader in the financial industry. Many large institutions and bank trade in the direction of the prevailing trend using the swing trading system for the long term. Since this strategy is a trend following technique, you can easily ride the prevailing trend until any major bearish trend reversal signal. This system is free from all the indicators and the traders trade the important support and […]

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Chart Pattern Breakout Trading Strategy Using RSI Indicators

There is a famous proverb in the forex industry which argues that history repeats itself and that this repetition can often lead to profitable trading forecasts. The price movement in the forex market always follows a specific price pattern. In the eyes of a┬átrained forex professional, these specific price patterns create the most important parameter for trading in the financial markets. ┬áRange traders often prefer to trade forex pairs within the specific price movement that is offered on a daily […]

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